The World Chamber of Commerce of Texas (WCCT) is a chapter of World Chamber of Commerce (WCC) headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Our Mission is to promote/teach international trade, and foster cultural and humanitarian exchange to develop economic opportunity worldwide. An important WCCT goal is to act as a liaison between organizations developing global trade, creating synergy and assisting companies to reach out to lucrative international markets. The WCCT is a 501(C)3 non profit organization and this status will benefit all WCCT sponsors.

The World Chamber of Commerce (WCC) was founded by Solange Warner in February, 2008. She developed the organization from the ground up, establishing the entire organizational structure, including the Board of Directors. Important members of the community have supported the WCC as board members, including U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro, Consul General of the United Kingdom, Annabelle Malins, and other Consuls, Senators, Representatives, Mayors, among other dignitaries.


Solange Warner developed the initiative, WCC International Trade Seminar Series. These WCC Events were developed for leaders and experts to educate businesses regarding international trade and how to penetrate foreign markets. One of the International Trade Seminars was at the Four Seasons, a successful event with close to 200 attendees. The panels of leaders included: Consul General of Canada, Brian Oak; Consul General of Argentina, Carlos Layus; Consul General of Japan, Takuji Hanatani, and Consul General of Mexico, Salvador DeLara, discussing International Trade Opportunities with their respective countries. The panel of experts included Dr. Usha Nair, Professor of Economics at Georgia Tech, Monica Capra, Professor of Economics at Emory University, and Dina Molaison, Trade Specialist at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Attendees were a mix of dignitaries, business community, educational representatives and government officials.


Another International Trade Seminar Series was at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead, a highly successful event with over 200 attendees. Speakers included the Honorable U.S. Ambassador, Charles Shapiro, who spoke on the importance of international trade; Senator Chip Rogers, leader of Georgia Senate; Rick Martin, International Trade Center Director at the University of Georgia, who spoke on the topic of finding international opportunities in a tight economy, and Robert Morris, Director of the Georgia Ports Authority, spoke on what to expect from Georgia Ports in the coming years. Media covered the event including TV, newspapers and radio.

Additionally, Solange Warner developed the International Trade Heroes Award Gala and Symposium at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead and Grand Hyatt. There were close to 500 attendees at this successful 2 day Event. The WCC Symposium guests were Consul General of Germany, Lutz Gorgens, Consul of Hungary, John Parkerson, President of Invest France, Philippe Yvergniaux, Consul of Italy, Angela Della Constanza, Rhett Turner, Ambassador of Brazil Adalnio Senna Ganem, Ambassador Reda Mansour, Dean of the Consular Corps, U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro, Consul of Denmark Chris Smith, Consul of Liechtenstein Bruce Allen, Consul General of Mexico, Salvador DeLara, Dan Moss, Senior VP Morgan Stanley, Charles Green, President of Sunrise Bank, Michael Bryan V P and Senior Economist Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Phil Bolton, Global Atlanta Publisher, among other speakers and leaders of the community. International Trade Heroes Award Gala, concluded the Symposium. The WCC Gala offered an outstanding program to honor international trade dignitaries, such as a “the life time achievement Award” to Ambassador Andrew Young. Other awards were presented to Ambassador Reda Mansour, Dean of the Consular Corps, Consul Teresita Fraser and Rhett Turner, for promoting humanitarian efforts. An important aspect of the program was the performances of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra soloist and Tango performers from Argentina. Many dignitaries and leaders of the community attended this extraordinary event, such as Consuls, Ambassadors, Senators, among others.


During the 2008-2009 WCC Presidency, the WCC Power Networking and Human Trafficking Awareness to Keep Atlanta Safe Campaign were developed. The Event to launch this initiative was highly successful event, with over 200 attendees. This campaign created awareness of this devastating issue in Atlanta, one of the highest levels of child human trafficking in the world. Speakers included the Honorable Judge Mobley, expert speaker on human trafficking. Additionally, Consul Christopher Smith spoke regarding Georgia being a champion on international trade. The WCC Event was at the Sunrise Bank. Furthermore, the WCC humanitarian Initiative, “Human Trafficking Awareness to Keep Our Children Safe” to promote awareness of such a devastating issue for our society.


Solange Warner developed the humanitarian initiative “Haiti Relief Effort” sending two airplanes to Haiti with volunteers and humanitarian aid for the earthquake victims. Then, she developed the humanitarian initiative to aid Chilean Earthquake victims. The WCC donated funds to “Maria Ayuda”, Chilean organization assisting victims of the earthquake.


“Enhance international trade, fostering cultural

and humanitarian exchange to develop economic opportunity worldwide.”


  • WCCT will expand further as a well established, not-for-profit international organization, obtaining wide acknowledgment for developing global commerce
  • Receive international recognition for developing bilateral relations between the U.S. and other countries
  • Add value to members and supporters by developing high level International commercial, cultural and humanitarian missions
  • Support the creation of WCC chapters globally.


  • Act as a liaison between organizations and businesses developing global trade, creating synergy and assisting companies to reach out to lucrative international markets. Supporting efforts from embassies, consulates, multilateral organizations, bi-national chambers of commerce, and businesses promoting global commerce, economic, cultural and social exchange.
  • Facilitate exchange between countries and improving international relations, assisting with their international trade. History demonstrates political issues take second place for countries with common financial goals.
  • To realize the WCC’s vision of working flexibility with other organizations to mutual benefit or share aims, the WCC will seek to advance a core number of formal partnership with other organizations to identify synergies and facilitate closer cooperation.


Sunny Sharma,

Sunny Sharma,

Chairman WCCT

President – Sunbelt Medical Corporation

Tarik Celik, MBA

Tarik Celik, MBA

Chairman Emeritus


Celik Enterprises

Dr. Victoria Bryant,

Dr. Victoria Bryant,

President WCCT

CEO Ambassadors Caregivers
Randy Briones, D.C.

Randy Briones, D.C.


Vice President Community Outreach HCA Division

Tuyet- Minh Hoang

Tuyet- Minh Hoang

Secretary WCCT


Chase Bank

Enes Sonmez, MBA

Enes Sonmez, MBA

Director of Marketing WCCT


NS Branding

John Sturgeon,

John Sturgeon,

Board Member

CEO, Sturgeon Management Consulting LLC,

Pete Garcia,

Pete Garcia,

Board Member

President, US Mexico C.C.

Willy Verbrugghe,

Willy Verbrugghe,

Board Member


Richard A. Huebner, Chairman of Advisory Board, WCCT

Alby Abraham, CPA, Treasurer

Neeta Sane, Trustee, Houston Community College

Raoul Keddy Nkolla, President America Africa C.C.

Robert Cook, Regional Vice-President, Texas Association of Realtors:

Gordon Quan, Former Houston City Council Member

Hon. Sylvia Shirley Malinton, Deputy Consul General of Indonesia

Irada Akhoundova, President, Houston-Baku Sister City Assoc.

Sophie Chou, Director, Taipei Econ and Cultural office of Houston

Nghi Ho, Board of Trustee Alief ISD:

Claudia Rojas-Jimenez, Colombia Chamber of Commerce:

Dr. John Galiatos, Dean of Eng & Manufacturing Lonestar College

Dr. Shaoling Huang, Director, NTD TV

Juan Sosa, Ambassador of Panama

Marsha Murray, Deputy Director, City of Houston Office of Buss Op

Ellen Israel Goldberg, Sister Cities Assoc. of Houston

David Chaumette, Attorney at Law, Chaumette PLLC

Alejandro Juranovic, Director of Argentina Chamber of Commerce

Micheal Gorman, Financial Advisor

Morad Fiki, President, Fiki Properties

Anurag Gautam, CEO, Amplify Polymers

Mahtab Moradi, Marriage & Family Therapist